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Q: Why should I order from you and not another baker?

A: You will be getting the most delicious cake that I am capable of creating. Since my small business consists of me, you are assured of getting the utmost professionalism because I know what I'm doing. Not only that, I'm an honest, fair, and fun person.

Q: How far in advance should I order a cake?

A: We are often booked months ahead of time so the sooner the better to reserve your place on our calendar (deposit required). There's no such thing as ordering too early! Okay, there is, but I will let you know when that happens. My advice is to order as early as possible to guarantee getting a cake for your special day. My workload is determined by the number and complexity of cakes in a given week and some weeks can sell out early...especially during wedding season (April thru November). Weddings are often completely booked 6 months to one year prior to the date. I will create 6 wedding cakes per week. Birthday and specialty orders are taken on a time allowed basis with typically 10 to 15 per week. Last minute ordering? I try to accommodate, but due to the nature of my work, advance planning is a must. I am only one person and I do what I can. However if I can do something for you, believe me, I will.

Q: Do you ship your cakes?

A: No, we are sorry, but as of now we are not shipping our cakes…they are too fragile! We will, however, deliver a cake as far away as you wish...but this service is not free of charge. You can pick up your cake, including your wedding cake for FREE!! Really, people do it every week and it is not that big a deal. I advise a mature adult with an air-conditioned SUV who owes you a favor and offered to “help in any way”.

Q: How much do the wedding cakes cost?

A: We do not have a general price list because each cake is custom designed. Wedding and all tiered cakes are priced per person. Because of the care we give to each order we require a minimum of a 3 tier round cake for weddings serving 95 to be considered for delivery. In general our pricing starts at $4.25 per serving for buttercream and $5 for fondant. Pricing is based on the shape of the cake, color, type of icing and complexity of design. The price range for wedding cake is dependent upon the style of cake and the number of guests. Some are lower and some are higher in cost. It's important to know that the cakes I do are very labor intensive, and they take a lot of time.

Q: How much are the other cakes?

A: It depends on what you order. Sheet cakes serve 40 and they are $70 and a few flavors are $85. Yes, I do birthday cakes and I love creating them. Birthday cakes are generally $40-$100. Tiered cakes, even birthday cakes, are priced like wedding cakes. Sculpted cakes start at $150. It is just best to call or e-mail to determine pricing (as opposed to guessing).  Pick ups are available weekdays only from 3:30pm-6:00pm.

Q: Do you make individual cakes, cupcakes, and decorated cookies?

A: Yes we do, however, they are not the most cost effective. Individual cakes on the table will cost an estimated $60 per table. Individual cakes per person will cost $25-$40 per cake. Cupcakes start at $2.00 per cupcake and are ordered by the 2 dozen quantity only. Cut-out sugar cookies are generally $4.00 per cookie for the large wedding favor cookies, wrapped and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Q: Do you offer tastings? When may I come for one?

A: Consultations are available by appointment only.  The fee is $30 for up to 4 adults.  This is the flat fee.  I cannot see more than 4 people in the appointment or the time is not focused on the bride.  Adults only...no children or pets please.  I have many many stories as to why this is my policy.  The fee is the same if you are wanting a 2 tier personal cake or tiered cake for 700.  The appointment will be 30-45 minutes in length and there are 9 flavors of cake to sample.  I do not sample cookies nor any gluten free items.  I am happy to meet on Saturdays when I do not have weddings booked.  This means only December-April.  The rest of the year I am able to meet on Monday-Tuesday.

Q: Do you make groom’s cakes?

A: Of course! I will only create the groom’s cake (or any cake for that matter) if am doing ALL of the wedding cake served. I have worked hard to build a reputation on the taste and design of my cakes. Your guests do not need to taste cakes from multiple sources...it is confusing! If your baker cannot create a fabulous groom’s cake for you then you should have booked with me ;)

Q: Can you do only my bridal cake? I am getting sheet cakes elsewhere!

A: Mmmmm…no. See above answer. No one makes a general announcement that the tiered cake was created by Glorious Desserts and the sheet cakes by your Aunt Becky. I am sure she is fabulous, but truly it is a liability issue and a rule I never break. I am happy to bake all of your cakes!!  This is also an issue of liability and is the reason all of your appetizers/entree/etc food must come from your caterer.

Q: Outdoor weddings with buttercream iced cake?

A: No. This is IOWA and it is hot with a lot of bugs. When it is 90 plus degrees people do not do well and neither does cake…the bugs will appreciate the gesture! And your lovely white cake will be a dingy shade of dirt if there is even the slightest breeze.  I find every reason to avoid this option.  If you insist and are willing to take the risk I might be talked into it, providing you sign a waiver releasing me from all responsibility.

Q: I am not sure, you seem kind of blunt?

A: Everyone has a personality and my charming trait is to speak my mind. Most of my clients appreciate it. It is my job as your baker to tell what will work and what will not work. I have learned everything the hard way, and my experience guides me to never have a disappointed bride. I want you to be able to order with confidence that the cake you will see on your big day is exactly what you had envisioned. Anyone can promise you the world and tell you your ideas are brilliant…but I can tell you when they are not. And then we will find the answer to create a cake even better than what you thought you could have. And that is a promise. It’s what we do!!