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Every bride wishes her wedding day to be memorable for her family and guests. A significant part of that day is the wedding cake. The wedding cake is a reflection of the style and personality of the wedded couple and a celebration of their future. We have all had the traditional white wedding cake with white icing and white decorations and while this is still a popular choice there are many new trends in wedding cake design.

Icing options are as varied as the ideas to make the cake unique to the bride. Buttercream is ahead of the rest due to its creamy texture and pleasant taste but to create the looks found in most magazines you need to use fondant.

Fondant is made of powdered sugar, corn syrup and flavoring. Fondant will give you the matte finish look so popular in the bridal magazines. It is by far the most versatile in terms of custom designed wedding cakes. Under the fondant is a layer of buttercream icing for your guests to enjoy if they do not like the fondant. Do not shy away from the fondant due to taste as most people do not even know they have eaten it. I highly recommend fondant for weddings in June, July, August and September in Iowa. There are no guarantees during these months if you choose to go with buttercream. My fondant is imported from Switzerland and tastes very smooth and is rolled quite thin. You can sample it at your consultation.

Cakes with flavor are in demand. While a version of white (vanilla or almond) is still the number one choice lemon and strawberry are indeed closing in. There is no flavor list provided by me because I will create just about anything you like. At your consultation you can taste 10 of the most popular flavors.  Not all flavors are options in tiered cakes.

Non-traditional and themed cakes are popular among couples who want to inject a little fun or whimsy into their wedding. I have yet to meet a cake I cannot create...but I have met clients unwilling to pay for the time it takes to create such grandeur or uniqueness.

Grooms Cake is a tradition seen strong in the South and on the East Coast. Typically a grooms cake is chocolate and iced in chocolate buttercream or ganache and decorated in luscious fruit and a few flowers to compliment. The most fun grooms cake are the ones the bride presents as a surprise to the groom: a NASCAR, a fishing basket, a hunting portrait, a football jersey, helmet or stadium, anything that is the #1 hobby of the groom. Whether a surprise for him or a planned cake it is always enjoyed by the guests as a lighter side of the reception and a reflection of the groom's taste.  Consider where the grooms cake will be displayed as I do not think it should on the beautiful bride's cake table.  Possibly the guest book table or a separate display.  Or more appropriately at the groom's (rehearsal) dinner.

When reserving your cake with your designer of choice, be sure you have explored all of your options. You want to trust and be comfortable in your decision and there are many fine bakers in Des Moines all with different areas of expertise. While many bakeries may be able to accommodate your order on short notice, it's recommended that you reserve your wedding date with custom designers of cakes as soon as possible. Like many cake designers, I accept a limited number of weddings per weekend, and popular months fill up quickly. It's not unusual to reserve the date a year or more in advance- especially April through November.  Just e-mail me or call and I can answer your questions.